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#40 Plus MRS Software company

As software company our goal is to deliver new fin-tech solutions for institutional customers. Today by using our software, financial companies get the opportunity to upgrade their existing business with a new revenue stream, new technologies, scale and customer centricity.

#40 Plus ABT Investment company

A special-purpose investment company that invests in assets via traditional capital markets and new peer to peer platforms. Merging assets from connected and affiliate companies to offer a one-stop investment solution to preserve and enhance group capital.

#Leonus Digital Banking & Advisory

LEONUS is a banking & advisory digital solution powered by blockchain, aimed to provide both traditional and challenger financial organizations and payment providers with an easy turnkey solution for entering the digital banking world or advisory while utilizing advantages of innovative technology in the very essence of the system.
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#DAP19 Digital Assets Platform

DAP19 is a digital platform accessible for users online. It offers a range of tokenized products. Product is a digital portfolio that consists of investments in exchange traded funds, stocks, cash, real, crypto or digital assets. Each product is tokenized with its own token. The product is managed actively or passively depending on the product.
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